The Floor of the World

Two young scientists are thrown into an alien world of contradictions: the people include almost-normal humans and two other non-human species, but some laws of physics are so strange they can’t possibly exist in our universe. They struggle to survive (working as dishwashers in a diner), learn the language (starting with the menu in the diner) and figure out where they are. Along the way they learn a secret that is literally world-shattering, and no one else can save them or the planet.

When I put this book up on Kindle , I got a very nice review from a stranger [verbatim]: “this book takes an old idea and does it the way it should have been done in the first place. the original stories were from the 20s and 30s … but this is a story about people, society and people. the story-line is interesting and does not get bogged down in infinite detail. it has people you care about and a plot-line that is within the suspension-of-disbelief range. all in all, a very good book from someone who knows how to write.” He understood what I was attempting. I’ve taken one of the hoariest old ideas in science fiction and re-worked it with modern physics and, I hope, a compelling story. Another reader said: “The Floor of the World was a fast, fun to read, and very well-written story that superbly puts the science into science fiction.” That’s what I wanted more than any other goal: to write a book that would be fun to read.

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