I’m a science fiction writer.

Three books by Charles Ott

So far, I’ve got three novels in print. They are:

A review? I’ve got some reviews quoted on the detail pages above, but let me just say that I am confident about these books. I’ve read a lot of SF (heck, I’ve read a lot of books), and my own judgment is that these books read well and are craftsmanlike. I think that if I had found these books on the dusty old shelves of a good, dusty old bookstore, I would have liked them. I hope you will, too.

Also please note: I don’t do series books. All of these books stand alone.

Five Authors in Search of a Buck

Like any good science fiction hero, when confronted with a problem, my answer is: “Gosh, we’d better go back to the lab and start inventing things!” In this case, the question is, how the heck do I sell my books?

Here’s what I’ve invented: four other writers I know and I are going to rent a table at Windycon (November 9-11 at the Westin Hotel in Lombard, Illinois). We’ll have a banner saying “5 Authors in Search of a Buck” and sell our books jointly. The other four authors are Phyllis Eisenstein, Mike Blake, Doug Rice and Ellen Anne Eddy.

Here’s the pitch: some of our books are self-published and some are commercial, but I’ve read books by all of these people and I can vouch for them. All of them have read at least some of the other books, as well. I’m hoping that gives us all credibility — we are all guaranteeing the quality of each other’s work.

(And if you’re shy about self-pub books — and who could blame you? — I offer this minimal, bottom-level guarantee: all of these books have been edited and proofread. If you don’t think you need that guarantee, you haven’t bought many self-pub books!)

Anyway, please stop by for a visit when you’re at the con!